Pierre, a man of color v. Gabrial Chouteau
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CanadaCanada or at other places at the time
in possession of the British Government
and before the surrender of there places to
the American Government does not in-
vite the plaintiff to his freedom.

While the Court refered to give &
each of them to whcih referral the defen-
dant by his counsel executed.

The Court then of its awe mother - in-
structed the Jury on follows.

Slavery or involuntary servitude never
did exist in either of the Canadas, to
the giving of which instruction the defen-
dant by his counsel executed.

Before the Jury were sworn to try this cause
and after they came sworn to answer ques-
tion the defendant by his counsel asked have
of the Court to inquire of the Jury whether
any of them, felt in conscience to find
a verdict in favor of the freedom
of plaintiff notwithstanding the law might
hold him in slavery: which question the
court refused to permit to be put to the Jury or any of them: to which refusal of
the court the plantiff defendant by
his counsel excepted, & prays the court
to sign & seal this his Bill of exceptions
which is done accordingly. The defen-
dant there moved for a new trial
for the following reasons filed in wri-
ting (here insert ) which be-
tween the court & the defen-

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dant by his counsel excepted to the
decision of the court the
same & pray the Court to Sign &
Seal this his Bill of Exception
which is done accordingly.

BryanBryan Mullanphy MullanphyBryan Mullanphy


of MO.