Pierre, a man of color v. Gabrial Chouteau
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PierrePierre of color
Gabriel S ChouteauGabriel S Chouteau

Circuit CourtCircuit Court . Suit for Freedom

It is hereby between the in the above
case. That all Depositions legally taken in this case or which
may hear after be taken in
on the part of the plff or defendant. shall be
read in evidence and used in the trial
of Louis against ChouteauChouteau , and in all
other cases; pending in St Louis County to him
the children of RoseRose formerly held in slavery,
by AugusteAugust Chouteau ChouteauAugust Chouteau deceased; are suing for
their freedom in which the attornies to this
agreement are employed as counsel for
the respectivepartiesAnd it is furtheragreed
that any Royal proclamation of the
of GreatBritainBritain in relation to the government
of CanadaCanada or; averyact of parlament of
GreatBritainBritain or the province of CanadaCanada
so far as the same may effect or relate to
the subject of slavery in Canada may be
used in evidence in the cases above
provided the said proclamation and
slaves: are un to be found in any;
book.. which may be adjusted by the court
upon inspection to be genuine and if said
proclation or acts of either of the aforesaid parliaments to be used an not found pu
blished in. The aforesaid, then & copy of said proclamation certified under
the great . of the manner of
shall with them to be had in

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evidence by

February 7. 1846

SpaldingSpalding & TiffanyTiffany
attys of

Hall & Field
atties for pltf

HenryHenry L.Cobb Atty. for.al