Pierre, a man of color v. Gabrial Chouteau
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Depositions of witnesses produced,
sworn, and examined at
in the city of MontrealMontreal in
CanadaCanada East before me, JohnJohn McCord SamuelSamuel McCordJohn McCord , of the said CityCity of Montreal ofCity of Montreal MontrealCity of Montreal, Esquire, one of the Circuit
Judges in and for the District ofDistrict of Montreal MontrealDistrict of Montreal in CanadaCanada
East, in a certain cause now pending in the CircuitCircuit Court
CourtCircuit Court for the County of St laouis in the State of
Misspouri, between PierrePierre (of Colour) Plaintiff, and
GabrielGabriel S Chouteau SGabriel S Chouteau . ChouteauGabriel S Chouteau , Defendant, on the part of
the Plaintiff:â

The Honourable JamesJames Reid ReidJames Reid , of lawful
age, being produced, sworn and examined, deposeth
and saith, as follows:â

Question 1 â What is your name and position,, and where to
you reside?

Answer My name is JamesJames Reid ReidJames Reid - Chief Justice of
the court of Kings Bench at MontrealMontreal, where I
now reside.

Question 2 Do you know the parties in this cause, and are
you interested in the suit?

Answer I do not know the parties, nor either of them, nor
am I intrested in the event of the suit.

Question 3 How long have you resided in CanadaCanada, and are you wellaquainted with the laws and
usages of CanadaCanada?

answer I have resided fifty eight years in CanadaCanada,
during which time I have had occasion to become
aquainted with the laws and usages of that Country.

Question 4-What judicialsituation did you hold in
CanadaCanada, and how long did you hold the same?

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Answers-I have held the situation of one of the
Justices of the before mentioned Court of Kings
Bench for the District ofDistrict of Montreal MontrealDistrict of Montreal,
for seventeen years, and , the situation
of Chief Justice of the same Court, for nearly
fifteen years.

Question 5-When did CanadaCanadapass from the dominion
of the French Government to that of the
British Government?

Answers - CanadaCanada came under the dominion of the
British Government by capitulation to the
British arms in September 1760, and the
Country was afterwards ceded to Grant
Britain by treaty of Peace in 1760.

Question 6- Was slavery of negroes, or other persons,
recognized and allowed by law in CanadaCanada, which
the country was under the dominion of the French

Answers-Slaverywould appear to have been practised in
CanadaCanada to a cerain extent which under the
dominion of the French Government, although I
can find no law by which it was thenintroduced or
recognized previous to the year 1709, when, byan
Ordinance of Mr.RandotRandot , the of the
Colony, permission was given to the colonists to
purchasenegroes and panis, from the Indians, on
the principle that they would prove useful in
the cultivation of the soil.-This Ordinance would
seem to have been made in order to confirm a
practice which had previouslyexisted, but for
which there was no law, by authorizing slavery in
the particular casereferred to:-the

relies also upon the principle he invokes that