Pierre, a man of color v. Gabrial Chouteau
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I, JohnJohn Samuel Mc Cord SamuelJohn Samuel Mc Cord McJohn Samuel Mc Cord CordJohn Samuel Mc Cord ,
Esquire, a Circuit Judge for the District ofDistrict of Montreal
MontrealDistrict of Montreal, in CanadaCanada east, do certify that in
persons of the within commission and notice
the Honarable Reid, the deponent, was
examined, and his examination reduced to writing
and subscribed by the said deponent in my
person on the ninth day of april 1846
between the hours of nine of the clock a.m.
and six of the clock P.m. at the dwelling
house of the deponent in the said city of
MontrealMontrealgiven and certified on the day
and year last aforesaid

JJ Mc Cord McJ Mc Cord CordJ Mc Cord