Thadeus Alonzo, a boy of color v. John H. Sparr, Samuel Hobart, and George H.C. Mellody
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To the Hon. the Judge of the Circuit CourtCircuit Court of St Louis

Thadeus AlonzoThadeus Alonzo , a male child of color aged about
ten months, respectfully shows to your honor that he is the
son of VicaVica a woman of color, who was formerly the property
of FelixFelix Walker WalkerFelix Walker of the State ofMississippi MississippiMississippi. That the said
WalkerWalker sometime in the spring of the year eighteen hundred and
forty one took the said VicaVica mother of your petitioner to
JacksonJackson County CountyJackson County in the State of IllinoisIllinois where the said
VicaVica was held to labor and as a slave by the said WalkerWalker
for several months both before and after your petitioners birth,
that several months after the said VicaVica was so summoned
by said WalkerWalker to the said State of IllinoisIllinois, that she gave
birth to your petitioner in the said county of JacksonJackson in the StateIllinois
of IllinoisIllinois, on or about the seventh day of June
that for several months after the birth of your petitioner
the said VicaVica continued to remain in the County and state
last named and there kept your petitioner that the said
VicaVica and your petitioner were subsequently brought to the city of St LouisSt Louis in
the State of MissouriMissouri by one Benjamin Dill son in law of the
saidWalkerWalker and placed in the home of one
in said city that said to hold and to be
entitled to the said VicaVica & your petitions to one Lyman
B Shaw who under such and right
sold the said VicaVica and your petitioner to GeorgeGeorge Charles CharlesGeorge Charles &
SamuelSamuel Robart as your petitioner believes- that your petitioner
is now in the custody of James Mellody. Your petitioner
states that the said John & H Shaw Lyman B Shaw
and SamuelSamuel HobartHobart all to have some right of property
in your petitioner as a slave- your petitioner states that the
said CharlesCharles has made efforts to obtain possession of your
petitioner to separate him from his mother the said VicaVica &
to remove him as he believes out of the jurisdiction of the
said court - Believing that he is free and entitled to his
freedom, your petitioner begs your honor to allow him to
sue for his freedom as a poor person by his next friend ChesleyChesley Evans
EvansChesley Evans and that your honor will make such other and
further orders as the law requires to secure to you petitioner

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his rights and to prevent his being taken out of the
jurisdiction of said court - your petitioner states further
that his mother the said VicaVica is the daughter of a mulatto woman
by an Indian man and that the father of your petition
is a white man so that the proportion of African blood
your petitioner is about one eighth.

Thadeus AlonzoThadeus Alonzo

(of color) by



Murdoch his attorneys