Smith, a person of color, vs. James O. Fraser
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State of MissouriMissouri
County of St. LouisCounty of St Louis
In the St. LouisCircuit Court CircuitCircuit Court CourtCircuit CourtJuly Term 1842

SmithSmith , a boy of Color by his attorneys and
by leave of the Court according to the statute in
such case provided, complains of James GJames G .
of a plea of trespass for false imprisonment for
that whereas the said defendant heretofore to wit, on the first day of March in the year eighteen hundred forty two with force and arms at the County aforesaid, of south upon him the said plaintiff and then and there heart, bruised
and illtreated the said plaintiff and then
and there imprisoned the said plaintiff and
then and there kept and detained the said plaintiff in prison, fromthat time until the present
against the will of the said plaintiff and
other wrongs is the said plaintiff then and there
did contrary to law and against the peace
of the state. And the said plaintiff avers that
before and at the time of the committinglike
grievances aforesaid he was and still is
a free person and that the said defendant held
and shall holds him the said plaintiff in slavery
wherefore thoseaid plaintiff so that he hoth been injured and hoth sustained damage
in the sum of fine hundred and
therefore he brings his suit

Gamble & Walker

Attys for Pltff.