Henry Jackson, a person of color, vs. James O. Fraser
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To the HonorableBryanBryan . Judge
of the St. LouisCircuit Court CircuitCircuit Court CourtCircuit Court

The Petition of HenryHenry JacksonJackson , MargarettMargarett JacksonJackson
SallySally JacksonJackson , children of Jimmy JacksonJackson , and
AnneAnne MariaMaria , William HenryWilliam Henry , and SmithSmith , Children
of said MargarettMargarett being all people of Color, and
residing in the County of St LouisCounty of St Louis and State of MisMissouri
souri, respectfully represents that,RichardRichard
late of Harford County in the state of MarylandMaryland, by his deed
of , bearing date the twenty sixth day of February in the year Seventeen hundred and eighty seven, only executed and acknowledged
and recorded according to the laws of the state
of MarylandMaryland, did and set free from
slavery a certain negro woman named "PeggyPeggy "
then held as a slave and that her freedom did by virtue
of said deed place at the expiration of six
years after the date of said Deed, and by the further
provisions of said deed all the Children born of said
PeggyPeggy were to be, and did freely became free as the
age of twenty one years And this Petition futher shows
that aged about fifty five Jimmy JacksonJackson , now living
was a child born of the said PeggyPeggy , and is now and
has been free ever since she arrived at the age of
twenty one years-And the Petitioners, HenryHenry JacksonJackson
MargarettMargarett , and SallySally are the children of the
said Jimmy, born since the said Jimmyarrived
as the age of twenty one - that the PetitionersAnn
MariaMaria WilliamWilliam Henry HenryWilliam Henry and SmithSmith , are children
of the said MargarettMargarett barn in the state of MissouriMissouri
That the short HenryHenry JacksonJackson , MargarettMargarett and
SallySally Petitioners came to his state from the
State ofKentucky KentuckyKentuckyabout fifteen years since
and have resided in this state ever since - that
saidJimmytheir mother left the state of KentuckyKentucky about
twelve years age and has Come to this state and

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has resident here ever since And the Petitions here
exhibit the said deed and pray that is he made
a part of their Petition - wherefore they the Petitionerspay for leave, and for an order to sue as poor persons
in order of the establish their right to freedom
that counsel may be to them that
may havereasonable liberty attend
their counsel and the Court as occasion
mayrequire, that they be notremovedout
of the Jurisdiction of the Court and benot
subject to any severity an account of
their application for freedom
And these Petitiones further state that they are
claimed as slaves by one James V. Frazier, who lives
in the state of KentuckyKentucky, and is now here in the
city of St LouisSt Louis That said Frazier is about this day
remove the Petitioners, HenryHenry William , MargarettMargarett ,
AnnMariaMaria , WilliamHenry William HenryHenry and SmithSmith and
of the Jurisdiction of this Court and out
of the state of MissouriMissouri, And they therefore pray
that awarrant may to directed to the Sheriff
of St.LouisCounty commandinghim to
seize your Petitioners, and bringhimforthwith
before your Honor and tosummon the said
Frazier or such otherpersons in whose posession
they may be found to appear forthwithbefore
your honor, or as such other time as your
Honor may appoint, and that said
Frazier on such other person in whosepossession
the petitioners may be may beordered
to enter into a recognizanceaccording to
law to obey the order of your Honor
in the premises & Andso will ever