Henry Jackson, a person of color, vs. James O. Fraser
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The State ofMissouri MissouriMissouri

To the Sherrif of the County ofCounty of St Louis
St LouisCounty of St Louis Greeting

Whereas the Judge of our cir-
cuit court for the county of StSt Louis
LouisSt Louis hath been satisfied that
the petitioners in the foregoing
petitionHenryHenry William JacksonJackson , MargarettMargarett
JacksonJackson , SallySally Smith JacksonJackson , WilliamHenry William
HenryHenry , AnnaAnna MariaMaria & SmithSally Smith
are about to be removed out
of the Jurisdiction of our said
Court, you are hereby
commanded to seize said petitioners
wherever they may be found
and bring them before our
saidJudge at the office
of Gamble & Walker in the
City of St. LouisCity of St Louis at three o'
clock this day and
summon any person in
whose posession they may
be found, or who may claim
posession of them & especially
one James O. FraserJames O Fraser to appear
before our said Judge as
the same time & place. As writing
the hand of our said Judge
as the city & county of StSt Louis. LouisSt Louis
this thirtieth day of March AD One Thousand Eight hundred & forty two

Bryan MullanphyBryan Mullanphy
Judge of the
Cir of the state of