Louis Chouteau v. Gabriel S. Chouteau
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In the St Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court
8th February 1849

It is hereby agreed by and between the
parties in the suits of Louis vs Chouteau
Charlotte vs Chouteau & Michel vsPaulPaul
in which the undersigned are counsel
for their respective parties in this Court,
that the said suits shall abide the final determination of the suit of PierrePierre ve ChouteauChouteau ,
provided the same shall be tried upon its merits
& carried to a final determination; but in case
of the death of PierrePierre , or any cause preventing
a final determination on the merits in his suit,
then either of the other above mentioned suits
may be tried on its merits, & all depositions, &
documents adduced by plaintiff or defendant
which would be legal evidence in the case of PierrePierre
may be read on the trial of either of the above
mentioned suits (subject to the same exceptions
as they would be in the case of PierrePierre )

And it is hereby further agreed, that the
testimony for the plaintiff as well as for the
defendant, reported by D.C.Little, Reporter for
the Court on the former trial of PierrePierre , and
filed in this Court, may be read in evidence
on any subsequent trial of PierrePierre , or on the
trial of either of the above mentioned suits
by the plaintiff, or defendant according as the
tesitmoney was reported for the one or the other
only however when it shall appear on any of said
trials, that any of the witnesses whose testimony is
therein reported is dead, or that there is any legal
reason why any of said witnesses whose testimony it
is desired to read may not attend the court on any of
said future trials

HenryHenry LL Cobb .CobbL Cobb
Atty for Plffs