Rebecca, a negro woman v. James Black, Thomas Horine, and George Mellody
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That the consent of ThomasThomas M Horine MThomas M Horine .HorineThomas M Horine
the trustee of said slave for the benefit of
Mrs. Black for life with remainder to
CarolineCaroline her daughter, to the residence
of the slave at VandaliaVandalia , did not set the
slave free without the consent of both
of the persons for whom he held her,
if then having; and that such consent
could not he given by the said
line if the jury belive from
the evidence that she was a minor of
the age of less then 8 years.


That such consent could not be given
by Mrs. Black while she was a mar-
ried woman unless the jury shall believe
that she acted under the authority of her