Mary Charlotte, a woman of color v. Gabriel S. Chouteau
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filed 16p262 conto70p26
not to Verdict & grp252. MissouriMissouri16p299
Bill of Exceptions filed 16p324. Mo & official appeal filed 16p327p255.
appeal dismissed by SuperiorSuperior Court court-April Term 1863. Trial.-Jury
23p309Monsuit-Juryjdge chd23p310. Motion for new trial filed
23p313 Motion to setaside monsuit 23p 325.
November Term 1853. Order to Sheriff to hire out
the children father to 23p390
Mch J. '56. Special Venire ordered25p416. Plff & ordered to be court. Exn of Venirement
Ad venire of 12 ordered 25to 427. Jury & trial 25p428. Trial 25p430.. Verdict &
for plff of freedom & for cash Motion of new trial filed May 30. '56_ 23p430.
Mo: for new trial Bill of Ex. filed. filed appeal grantis & Ricognizance enterend into
Oct J 58 Jany 4-159 28p318 For sue foot of Shffs Return