Mary Charlotte, a woman of color v. Gabriel S. Chouteau
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The plaintiff offered in evidence the
following document property to be a copy
of Action 666, being or purporting to be
a deed from AndrewAndrew ToddTodd conveyingRoseRose
to DidierDidier was slave objected to by
defendant for
& because it was at best only a copy
to be or
for: as to by the Court &
plaintiff counsel excepted at the time to
the action of the court and
. (here insert the document or
the in it)

The following was to be, a
(here in
out )

The plaintiff offered in the
following document to be a
copy of 750. being to
to be a deed from to
was to by defendant for
the said as the document
in above . the
the as to
counsel excepted.

(here the
therein from to )

The following was agreed to be a counsel
document (here in

The plaintiff offered in the
following document to be a
copy of action 150. being in
to be a deed from DidierDidier to Any. ChouteauChouteau
what was to by defendant. for the same reasons as the documents
in last above . the
count the it copy as to & plaintiffs
counsel .
(here the document &
from DidierDidier to ChouteauChouteau ) The plantiff then offered to to read
from a from a named book from the
offers the following: (here insert
full what was offered. It to be
on the time) the

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in the office of the or
in the keeping of the plaintiff, which
was objected to by the defendant for the same
names. stated above the copies above
mentioned, which was sentenced
by the court & plaintiffs counsel ex
this was all the
in the case.

Whereupon in motion of the
defendants counsel the court gave the
following the jury (here
insert dated 13th Oct 1853) For which
the plaintiff counsel ex

Plaintiffs counsel therefore book
a non suit with have itself
aside the same opens the following motion
towit (here motin &

Whereto motion was by
the Court.
at the to the Counts his bill of exceptions
opens the court the same
which is by

A. HamiltonAlexander Hamilton