Mary Charlotte, a woman of color v. Gabriel S. Chouteau
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Jannis Douoplayed La Croin, Deusaid Patuck OKeefe
william ElliotElliot

in the word & form following
(which the clerk will here insert without the cap
tion or certifacates).

and this was all the testimony in the cause
the Court gave the following nine instructionsat
the to which no exception was ta-
ken by defendant (here invert them).

The cause having been asigned the count at the
instance of defendants counsel gave the fol
lowing instruction (here insert it) no 1.0

The plaintiff then asked for the following
induction (here insert it) No 11 which the Defendant objected
to as calculated to conflict with instructions
already given and to mislead the jury. But the
court overruled the objections permitted th
gave said last named instruction. to the giving of
which the defendant excepted.

The jury found fordefendant the
plaintiff. Immediately, thereafter the of
the verdict the defendant filed the following
motion for a new trail (here insert it) which the court
overruled and defendant excepted thereto and present
earlier bill of exceptions & prayed that the cause be
& made part of the record which is done.

A. HamiltonAlexander Hamilton .