Mary Charlotte, a woman of color v. Gabriel S. Chouteau
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Province of CanadaProvince of Canada
Lower CanadaCanada,
to wit.

It is hereby certified, that Charles ACharles A Terroux . TerrouxCharles A Terroux ,
who has signed the above return, on the sixteenth day of
October now last past was, and from that day to this hath continued to
be and still is, a Notary Public duly commissioned and sworn in and for
Lower CanadaCanada, and a Justice of the Peace in and for the City and District ofDistrict of Montreal
MontrealDistrict of Montreal in the said Province, and also a Commissioner for recieving affidavits
to be used in the SuperiorSuperior Court and Circuit CourtsCircuit Court in Lower CanadaCanada, and acting as surely
and that full faith and credit are due to his acts as such. In testimony
whereof, We SamuelSamuel Wentworth MonkWentworth Monk , WilliamWilliam Craigin Holmes Coffin and
Louis JosephLouis Joseph , joint of Her Majesty's said
Superior CourtSuperior Court for Lower CanadaCanadahave hereunto set our official signature
and the seal of the said Court at the said City of MontrealCity of Montreal this fifth day of February in the Year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty_nine and of Her Majesty's reign the twenty-second.

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