Mary Charlotte, a woman of color v. Gabriel S. Chouteau
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Geroge the Third, by the Grace of God,
of Great Britain, France, and Ireland
King, Defender of the Faith, and so
forth, to our Trusty and well beloved
JamesJames Murray MurrayJames Murray , Esquire, Greeting.

We, resposing especial trust and comfidence
in the prudence, courage and loyalty of
you, the said James MurrayJames Murray , of our
especial grace, certain knowledge, and
mere motion, have thought fit to constitute
and appoint, and by these
presents do constitute and appoint, you
the said JamesJames Murrary, to be our Captian
General and Governour in Chief in and
over our Province ofProvince of Quebec QuebecProvince of Quebec in AmericaAmerica;
Bounded on the Labrador Coast by the
River St John; and from thence by a
line drawn from the head of that
River through the Lake St. John to
the South end of Lake Nipissin,
from whence the said Line crossing the
River St Lawrence and the Lake
Champlain, in forty five degrees of
Northern Latitude, passes along the high
lands which divide the Rivers that
empty themselves into the said River St
Lawrence from those which fall into the
Sea; and also along the North Coast
of the Baye des Chaleurs and the Coast

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of the Gulf of St Lawrence to Cape
Rosieres; and from thence crossing the
Mouth of the River St Lawrence by the
West End of the Island of Anticosti,
terminates at the aforesaid River St.

Together with all the rights, members,
and appurtenances whatsover there unto

And we do hereby require and
command you to do and excute all
things in due manner that shall
belong to your said Command and
the trust we have reposed in you,
according to the several powers and
directions granted or appointed you by
this present commission and the instructions
and authorities herewith given
unto you, or by such other powers,
instructions and authorities as shall
at any time hereafter be granted or
appointed under our signet and sign manual,
or by our order in our privy
Council, and according to such reasonable
laws and statutes as shall
hereafter be made and agreed upon
by you with the advice and consent
of the Concil and Assembly of our
said Province under Your Government
in such manner and form as is herein
after expressed.