Mary Charlotte, a woman of color v. Gabriel S. Chouteau
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said province of QuebecQuebec to be hereunto
affixed and to be entered on record in
one of the books of patents in our
Registers Office of [ Imollments ] of the said

Witness our trusty and well be-
loved the Honourable Guy Carleson,
Esquire, our Lieutenant Governer and
Commander in Chief in and over our
said Province ofProvince of Quebec QuebecProvince of Quebec, and the
thereon depending in AmericaAmerica
at our Castle of St Lewis, in our said CityCity of Quebec
ofCity of Quebec QuebecCity of Quebec the twenty fifth day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and sixty six, and in the Sixth year of
our Reign

L. S. (signed)

Guy Carleton

.By the LieutenantLieutenant Governour's Command

J. Goldgrap.

. Secretary.