Mary Charlotte, a woman of color v. Gabriel S. Chouteau
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House of Assembly,
Lower CanadaCanada
Friday 19th April 1799


A Petition from sundry persons inhabitants
of the City of MontrealCity of Montreal, whose names are thereunto
subscribed, was presented to the House by Mr.
Papineaw: and the same was received and read.

Setting forth: That by an Ordinance of
Jacques Raudot, Intendant of CanadaCanada,
bearing date the thirteenth day of April, which was in the year of Our Lord one thousand seven hundred and nine, registered and published according to law,
It is Ordained, under the good pleasure of His
Most ChristianChristian Majesty, that all PanisPanis and
Negroes which, before then were, and which there after
should be purchased in CanadaCanada, should appertain,
in full property, to the purchasers thereof, as their proper
slaves; and the said PanisPanis and Negroes are thereby
enjoined not to leave the service of their Masters, and
all persons not to encourage them to desert, or harbour
them under a penalty of fifty livres.

That His Most ChristianChristian Majesty did never
signify his displeasure or disapprobation of the said
Ordinance, whereby the same was in force at the
definitive Treaty of Peace and Cession of this Pro=
=vince to His Majesty, and therefore by the Statute
of the 14th GeorgeGeorge III Chapter 83d, commonly called
the QuebecQuebec Act, makes now part of the Laws, usages
and Customs of CanadaCanada.

That the Importation of Negroes from AfricaAfrica
to the West India Islands and British Plantations,

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has, from the firt establishment of an African Com
pany, and since the Trade has been ser free to all
His Majesty's subjects, under Parliamentary Regula-
-tions, been deemed lawful, and the owners of such
Negroe vested with the right and power of selling
them and their children, whereby Slavery was effec=
tually established in the said Islands and Plantations.

That by the Statute of the 5th Geo. II. Chap y. Section 4,
intituled, "An act for the move easy recovery of debts
"in his Majesty's Plantations and Colonies in
" AmericaAmerica," It is enacted," That from and after the
âTwenty-ninth day of september, one thousand seven âhundred and thirty two, the Houses Lands, Negroes
âand other pereditaments and real Estates, situate