Mary Charlotte, a woman of color v. Gabriel S. Chouteau
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Mary CharlotteMary Charlotte
Gabriel S. ChouteauGabriel S Chouteau

In the St Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court
April Term 1844
21st May 1845

Be it remembered that at
the commencement of the trial of the above
entitled suit, Paschal L.Cerre was called
on behalf of the plaintiff, who being duly
sworn said that he knew the parties in this
suit, that defendant held plaintiff as a slave
that he knew RoseRose plffs mother, knew her at
as a servant there, dont know
the time thinks it was in 1794, saw her fre=
quently there, it was in June 1794, he (writ) was not
there in 93, She (RoseRose ) was a cook in the
house of Eutienne Champion whether he
claimed her dont know, Witness remained
there 2 or 2 1/2 months did not know who she
belonged to never knew her any where else, per
haps he was there in 95 RoseRose came here in
94 or 95 knew her as belonging to Stork
Witness was born in CanadaCanada left there
when 20 years old & has not there
Since dont know whether blacks existed
in CanadaCanada, saw a negro there who was
a slave at St LouisSt Louis, but whether he was a
slave there or not cannot tell, saw sev=
eral blacks there, our was executioner, dont
know an instance where are was held as slave
this was in 1787 -82 - 54 6 - 7, travelled
through that Country, with his father
bought slaves in United StatesUnited States, but left them
on this side of the line

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Witness & his father went to CanadaCanada, the slaves
were deposited close by the line within the U.S.
did not take the negroes into CanadaCanada for
fea they would become free, got there outfit
in CanadaCanada & then cause to this Country,
First time witness left CanadaCanada he was four
cause to this Country, writ back to CanadaCanada in
1781, & Stayed till 1787 then went to VirginiaVirginia &
back to CanadaCanada, same year, then left again
for this Country. Did not know of the Existance
of Slavery in CanadaCanada, did not see any person
held as a slave there, was then never
exercised his right of citizenship, never re=
sided there long enough to exercise it, was
there when 20 years old in 94, was
acquainted with the Country, would not say
he was will acquainted with the Country,
remained there from 91 to 94 did not pay
any attitude to Laws of Country,
never heard of a slave being held there,
if it was as general there as here would
have known it if it was the wants
have known it saw RoseRose at when
he stopped there on his way from CanadaCanada to
St LouisSt Louis.

Was at MontrealMontreal from 91. to 94 In 91 his
father took Seven negroes to MontrealMontreal, they
are there perhaps, he gave a girl
to his (witness) sister residing then,
then, the other 6 came back, were boatman
among those six were the two he bought at
Albany, dont know what his sister did
with the girl was 13 years old sister lived
in the girl was not there with her
in June or July 94. They were , & looked at as curiosities..