Mary Charlotte, a woman of color v. Gabriel S. Chouteau
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Saw RoseRose at & next saw her at
St LouisSt Louis, when he saw her at St. LouisSt Louis it
ChouteauChouteau held her as a slave ChouteauChouteau got
her from a she never left
St LouisSt Louis for on PrairiePrairie Du CheinChein
to his knowledge

Never heardChouteauChouteau say when she was
brought from or any thing about it never
heard deft say any thing about it

The girl mentioned before as being given
by his father & his sister residing in CanadaCanada
was given to her in St LouisSt Louis & she was with
her, whether she was a slave in CanadaCanada dont
know girl was not with her in 1794, knows
nothing about acts of Father & Sister aforesaid girl

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MichelMichael Mark being duly Sworn said they
he was born in MontrealMontreal CanadaCanada about the
year 1772 & left them when 10 years old
had then once since remained
here one year & his father sent him back
& he then passed the winter then 11 years old,
dont remember much that took place then
did not go out much, knew RoseRose , knew
her at Mackinaw_ he saw at
once only - & saw her at
St LouisSt Louis

Saw RoseRose at PrairiePrairie Du CheinChein living with
Mr. Stork who was a merchant work seen
him here, employes with him, & those
was Cook, Cannot say the year he saw her
he saw her at PrairiePrairie Du CheinChein did not
see many blacks about there, did not see
any other negro residing there. Dont know
anything of Slavery in CanadaCanada or being
bought & sold they; is 73 years old, if slavery
had been there he had knowledge enough
to have known it, but never heard tell of any
Knew a slave of St George who was free, a
voyager, a mulatto. MontrealMontreal was not
principal place but QuebecQuebec, MontrealMontreal way
a large place, cannot answer whether ptf
is child of RoseRose , She always passed as child of RoseRose
the person he had seen at PrairiePrairie Du CheinChein
seen pltf. & her motherRoseRose together frequently at the ChouteauChouteau
& plt was always was always represented by the family as day the of