Mary Charlotte, a woman of color v. Gabriel S. Chouteau
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There was no fort or garrison at PrairiePrairie du
CheinChein at the time he saw RoseRose then, that
there were no English troops there, that
there was no English pass there, nor with a
hundred miles of the place, the nearestan
he knew of was at Rock river.

There were English troops at Rock river, it
was an english post.
At another time when he was there several
men were killed then, by CampbellCampbell .
When he saw RoseRose at MackinawMackinaw he may
have been twenty one or twenty two years old,
the English were then in possession them
& made Saw no
troops at PrairiePrairie Du CheinChein an then there left MackinawMackinaw & to saw
& back to St LouisSt Louis twice saw RoseRose at Prairie De Chein him
2. & last time witness went to New OrleansOrleans
& came back to St LouisSt Louis he saw RoseRose in the
possession of
Was not for from two years from time he
saw RoseRose at MackinawMackinaw till he saw he
was near eleven years old when last in CanadaCanada
passed the winter then there did nothing
at all.

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May 22nd 1845

Mr Dufraine being duly sworn said that
he was born in QuebecQuebec is between 72, & 75 years old,
lived in CanadaCanada & left there in 93 in his 23rd year
knew something of customs of CanadaCanada,
has seen negros there two or three but were
not considered Slaves, never knew of sales
of Slaves there, saw but few negroes there
2, 3, or 4, would have known it if there had been
slavery there. Cant tell whether they were bound
or free, but they seemed to go where they
pleased never heard of slavery existing
then in CanadaCanada. Knows nothing of RoseRose
she was not from his part of the Country, was
acquainted in QuebecQuebec & curious up to
was in MontrealMontreal as he was coming to this
County. Stopped there 7 or 8 day saw no
negroes there at all never has been back
to CanadaCanada, did not come by PrairiePrairie du
CheinChein , went to MackinawMackinaw from CanadaCanada
Did not travel far while living at QuebecQuebec
only in surrounding parishes,reads a little
writes a little, got schooling in QuebecQuebec, was a
young man & does not recollect that there was
a parliament.
3 The English were at
what he was there law no blacks there;
the first he came left CanadaCanada in 1793 & he
to winter up the MississippiMississippi & went to
Prarie De Chein_ the English were at
Prairie De Chein then_ the there blacks