Mary Charlotte, a woman of color v. Gabriel S. Chouteau
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Pierre La riviere being duly sworn said
that he had lived in CanadaCanada, Came here 40
years ago & was then 20 or 21 years old,
know a little of the Laws & customes in CanadaCanada
raised in MontrealMontreal dont know of any per=
sons held as slaves there, has no knowledge
of any such thing he woreheard any such
thing spoken of there if it had existed
there he should have known it, as he went
around about the town frequently & was for
sometime a servant himself, knew two
neegroes who were voyagers & who saw they
were free, nobody pretended to claim them
& that they were there when he left CanadaCanada.
knew how to read or write, though
Mackinaw & Prairie de CheinChein when he em=
to St LouisSt Louis

Michel Fontaine being duly sworn saw
he was born in QuebecQuebec is 67 years old lived
in QuebecQuebec 17 years & 6 in MontrealMontreal was near
23 years old when he left MontrealMontreal, dont know
much about laws & Customes.
KingKing governed
no parliament there never heard of slavery
there, did not know what it was till he
came here, travelled through the whole of
CanadaCanada from end to end, if Slavery existed
there would have known it never heard
his speak of it, saw a few negros
there who worked about as he did & were free
knew RoseRose 44 years ago at Chouteaus
plaintiff passed as daughter of RoseRose dont know
where RoseRose came from.

Did not know all persons of CanadaCanada had been
from one end of CanadaCanada to the other twice.

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not for pleasure but on St Lawrence as voyager
Did not go through Lakes as high as Detroit
went through Detroit in coming here
never went through CanadaCanada by land
was well acquainted with MontrealMontreal & Que=
bec & did not go any distance to
but around neighboring parishes had been
from QuebecQuebec to MontrealMontreal in different ways
& eighteen leagues some other way
Three rivers is half way to MontrealMontreal & is
20 leagues from Each, most of business
was done at QuebecQuebec Montrealpeople
of the County traded in those places.

Paschel L Cerre being recalled testified that
it ChouteauChouteau swore conversed with him about RoseRose
understood she was brought from MontrealMontreal &
somebody said she was brought from Albany
dont know when she was bought there to
MackinawMackinaw never knew she belonged to
Stork spoke with RoseRose who told her when she lived in MontrealMontreal the ne=
groes there attracted attention of the people there
like do here
P. Menard died last fall, knew him as re=
siding at KaskaskiaKaskaskia. Knew slaves in Kas
kaskia as early as 1777 or 78, when 4 or 5 years old
Witness Father had way there, MenardMenard was
an rest near & born in CanadaCanada near
MontrealMontreal was much employed by. States
Plff then gave in Evidence a convoyance
of RoseRose by ToddTodd to DidierDidier a translation of which
was read by counsel & is as follows (here translation)
also a convoyance from Didie to ChouteauChouteau a translation
of which was seant by consent is as follows (here )