Mary Charlotte, a woman of color v. Gabriel S. Chouteau
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Plaintiff then offered by counsel Murrays His=
toryof British AmericaAmerica from its earliest
therewith in two volumens No. 5 C1. & C11 of the
Family Library. & read from the first volumes
the preface to first paragraph on 288th page
which way by consent be read in the SupremeSupreme Court
CourtSupreme Court as a part of this record.

Plaintiff counsel then officed to read from the
2nd of said History of British , begin=
ing at the 78th page about two pages; but the
Court decided that he should not read from said
Second Vol. to which decision of the Court ex=
ception was taken by him, at the time.
which saidsecond volume may by consent
be offered before the supreme Court, as if it were
a part of this record

And here the plaintiff closed his case
The defendant then by his counsel opens his case and read in
evidence the speech of General WashingtonWashington
to the Congress of the UnitedUnited States StatesUnited States delivered
on the day of December 1796 also the treaty
of Amity Commerce & Navigation, between
his Britanic Majesty & the United StatesUnited States of Amer=
ica, signed by the of both
nations on the 19th November 1794 which
by consent may be read in the SupremeSupreme Court
CourtSupreme Court from any legal printed book in which
they may be found as part of this record.
Defts. counsel then read the deposition of PierrePierre Menard
MenardPierre Menard which is in the following word (with)
(here insert deposition)

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SmithSmith a witness for defendant being duly Sworn said
that he was 74 years old born in MontrealMontreal Can
ada, left CanadaCanada 54 years ago was between
20 & 21 years old there were slaves there they but
counsel swore they were slaves for life Col.

had four slaves Major CampbellCampbell & Mr.
GeorgeGeorge one mulatto. Several others had some
Cannot recollect them lived opposite Col.
does not know the ages of the Slaves they were
from 20 to 30 years old. Saw them frequently
for 10 or 12 years in the house left them there
was acquainted with them & was every day in
the house for some purpose, never trav=
till he came . Never said negro
sold them in CanadaCanada, has seen many black
persons there, not many, some; but cannot
tell their condition employed in the house as
domestic servants, had seen them in other hom=
than three, unwilling to swear they were slaves,
always thought they were from their
of acting, dont know whether any
the rights to sell them never knew them sold
more white persons in some situtation there,
many of them but did not consider them slaves
Understood from childhood negros will salves
did not know any thing about law there then
never infounded himself them. Clop
was Colonel in army. those negroes came
there with Clop. when he went to reside there

Dont know whether they were hired
or bound or slaves, it appeared Clop claimed
them as his, never asked Clop whether they
were slaves does not know as to their
condition, knew they were Slaves becuase
they were always there at home & did not lease