Mary Charlotte, a woman of color v. Gabriel S. Chouteau
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the house, does not know whether they
were any slaves in CanadaCanadaon oh is igno=
rant whether there were any slaves in CanadaCanada
before or after he was there, was never in any
other Country but CanadaCanada & coming here, his
father & mother made a of him as he
was too much a fool for Lawyer, Negroes
were better dressed there than whites, & did
same duty as whites. Mayor CampbellCampbell was in
the Army too. M. George was an old French
Officer, There were otheres who had slaves
employed about the house but does not
4 recollect their names, know nothing about slavery there.
as h had been about little & was young.
5 Concluded those negroes there were slaves after
he came to this Country an account of see
ing, slaves in this country afterwards.

witness for defendant testified &
Madam_____ Tessou said she was born in
MontrealMontreal & left there 53 or 54 years ago
RoseRose when she was sold on Public
at MontrealMontreal about two years before
the witness left to come here, saw RoseRose here
afterwards next time . It was
JosephJoseph Verlagette, RoseRose was not sold but
changed for a and several others;
knew other slves there, every body knew
them as slaves of their masters, Knew Col
Clop & Major Compbell who were
6 Her made her work to make clothes for
these slaves, knew no other slaves there for
people prefered to be waited on by people of their own Color

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Was going on twenty four years of age when
she left Canada, Husband & four children
came with her.

According to her knowledge about 7 or 8
years before she left CanadaCanada, when Amer=
icans cause there Officers came with slaves;
the offices belonged to the Army which was
there then the blacks living with Clop
& Campbell were understood to be slaves
of their Masters by her always knew
them as slaves, no body ever spoke of it,
if was a matter not mentioned, always
understood they were slaves, they were al=
ways spoken of as slaves of Col. Clop &
were distinguished by their clothes, did not
know where they came from, they were not
bound but were their property

Dont know when those negors came from
many of them were raised in Town Several of
those of Clop & Campbell were raised in the
place, the matters brought their families
there with their children, they belonged to
Clop as property, thewitness knows it as
they were spoken of as his property he
owned the father & mother & the children grew
up there were heard Clop or Compbell say
they were their property, dont know of there
being paid, they were well treated & clothed
& worked only at there matters, never saw
the masters whip the slaves, never knew them
whipped in CanadaCanada, They took same care of
them as if they were white, were same as
white persons when Master did not want them,
& visted & went where they chose she (Witness )
never left the town of MontrealMontreal till she came here.