Mary Charlotte, a woman of color v. Gabriel S. Chouteau
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7 There is a great difference between slaves
in CanadaCanada & here. dont know wherein they were property
in CanadaCanada, were treated very differently there,
dont know who sold RoseRose there, or that
she was sold. Americans brought her to
MontrealMontreal. She witness heard that negroes were
to be sold for , that the man want off with
the horse & returned with RoseRose without the horse
She (witness) does not know that RoseRose was
Sold or charged for horse at Public plea
does not know that she was charged or sold
at all in CanadaCanada, did not see any body sold
these, JosephJoseph Vergrtte, witness Uncle told her (witness) he
bought RoseRose there, never talked with RoseRose
Uncle, RoseRose spoke French & her
only French, thinks RoseRose was 17, 18 or 19
years old. The house that JosephJoseph said he
gave for RoseRose was a fine large one, a boy
dont know the value, JosephJoseph was a Horse=
jockey & never bought low priced horses
thinks horse have worth 100
8 dollars, worth more than 50 dollars, but
to tell the truth knows nothing about the price
Heard that RoseRose was bought from another
place to be sold, left CanadaCanada two years
after that time & RoseRose was with same Master
Saw her owner at Didiers dont remember the

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and here the defendant closed his case,
Paschal L. Cerré being recalled by plaintiff
& testified that he was in MontrealMontreal in 1791
staid till 1794 was well acquianted in
MontrealMontreal at that time, was part of the time
clerk for a Merchant, was frequently around
in different parts of the Town, & was ac=
with most of the area, that the
custom & usage of slavery never existed there
as far as he knows, & if it had existed there
he would have known it, was near 18 years
to when he went there in 91 Knew Camp=
bell & Clop, was at Clop never knew any
blacks about Clop, did not know Clop
wll, was familiarly aquainted with Campb
bell visited him frequently, did not see
any black about him, know the St
Georges they were employed by Govenor
Never saw any black persons in their pos=
session, Never saw any black people
around Clop would not have taken such
notice when he knew Clop as he was too young
only 8 years old remembers him as a child of
age ; was always observant, one
judge from him (witness) what he was
by what he is now (active & intelligent)
If Major CampbellCampbell had had slaves (witness)
would have known it, when he was eighteen
years of age