Celestine, a person of color v. Julia Dumont
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CelestineCelestine (of color)
JuliaJulia Dumont DumontJulia Dumont

In the Circuit CourtCircuit Court
Nov Term 1846

The plaintiff moves the Court to instill the
jury 1st If they believe from the evidence
that the plaintiff was taken to CahokiaCahokia
in the State of IllinoisIllinois since the year
1787. and after the passage of the ordinance
of CongressCongress by the persons there settled
to the property and come of
said plaintiff. and was held in
slavery or involuntary servitude they will
find for the plaintiff-

Given Jan. 26. 1846

2nd. If they believe from the testimony that the
father of Eulela made a present of the
plaintiff to his said daughter and this
the possessionwas of said plaintiff
any. are - in [ takeing ] said
slave to IllinoisIllinois, in violation of the laws
of that state or , would entitle said
slave to her freedom; although he may
in the firstinstance, , made a present
to his daughter &

Refused Jan 26. 1846

3rd If they believe from the testimony
that the wife of DeroinDeroin in his absence
from , had control
and possession of his slave. and the
andmanagement of , her act would
be his act and if the
said plaintiff was taken to IllinoisIllinois
by the wife., of said DeroinDeroin and held there

Refused Jany. 26. 1846

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in involuntary servitude, in violation of the Laws of
the Territory, they will find for the

That fact of their [ goinig ] on a visit
and taking their slaves will not exempt
the said slaves from the [ opperation ] of
the the laws of said Territory

Refused Jan 26 1846