Thomas Jefferson, a man of color v. Milton W. Hopkins, Doctor Samuel Prosser, and Charles Dexter
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ThomasThomas Jefferson JeffersonThomas Jefferson
Milton W. HopkinsMilton W Hopkins

In St. LouisSt Louis Common Pleas Court.

The plaintiff asks the following instructions.

1 That the introduction of a slave into the State of IllinoisIllinois
and then holding him to service and labor, by the owner of such slave, or by another, with the knowledge and
consent of the owner, is in violation of the laws and constitution
of that state, and works the emancipation
of the slave.

2. That the jury, may infer such knowledge and consent
from all the facts and circumstances attending the case.

3. That such knowledge and consent is a matter of
fact, for the jury to determine from all the facts and
circumstances, given them in evidence.