Mary Ann Speaks vs. James Luisenburry and John Jameson
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In the SaintCircuit Court Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court
November Term 1844

SaintSt Louis LouisSt Louis County, to wit,

MaryMary Ann AnnMary Ann Speaks plain-
tiff, with leave of the Court for that purpose, first
had and obtained, by her attorney complained
of JamesJames LuisenburryLuisenburry and JohnJohn Jameson JamesonJohn Jameson
defendants, of a plea of trespass, for false im=
prisonment. that the said defendants, on
thefifteenth day of October A.D. Eighteen hun-dred and forty four, at the County of St. LouisCounty of St Louis,
with force and assaulted said plain-
tiff, and her then and there took and im=
prisoned, and restrained her of her liberty, and
confined her in common prison for the
County aforesaid, and held her in servitude
now first day of August in the year afore-
said, until the day and year first aforesaid,
and yet detains and imprisons her the said
plaintiff, and still defnies her of her liberty
and freedom as aforesaid, against the law
of the land, and against the will of the
plaintiff, and other injuries the said defen-
dants, then and there at the times aforesaid,
did to the said plaintiff, contrary to the
law of the land, and the peace and
of the said plaintiff, and to the damage
of the plaintiff of one thousand dollars, and
therefore she sues

Primus &TaylorTaylor for pltff