Mary Ann Speaks vs. James Luisenburry and John Jameson
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District of
County of Alexander Ss

On this19th day of April 1838George
White personally appears before me a Justice of the peace for the county
aforesaid and made other that or
about March 1834. Joseph B. Blunt the
husband of Susan Blount. purchased a Colored
Girl by the name of Mary AnnMary Ann Speaks about Tweleve
year old from one MaryMary Truly then a
Slave, between to be Serve the Said Blount
sentence the was Twenty eight years of age and
then to be free. out the declaration of Said Term
and on thefirst day of December 1834. Joseph B
Blount Sold the Said Mary Jone James Norris
of for the Term of Three years. whichSaid, three years defines thefirst day of may 1838at which time the Said
May fifteen years old that she is to
Serve the said Susan Blont agreeable to the Court and then three years from thefirst day of May 1838until She is Twenty
eight years old and no longer at what time
She is free, Given my hand and
this19 day of April 1838.

Charles Scott

The above negro girl is known by the name of
MaryMary Speaks