Mary Ann Speaks vs. James Luisenburry and John Jameson
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MaryMary Ann AnnMary Ann Speaks
James Luiseuberry

Circuit CourtCircuit Court . Nov: term 1845

This is a suit by the
plaintiff under the statue for freedom, and
the fact in the case agreed to be submitted
in the same are as :=

That the plaintiff was born in the State of VirginiaState of VirginiaAlexandra,
in the of Columbia, and was living
in Alexandria there for a number of years before she was
brought to MissouriMissouri that plaintiff mother
at the time of her birth was a slave and
the trespass of me the rights summons - ; that plaintiff
was brought to MissouriMissouri & afterwards
and examined in her service of to the time of her death which took place some two
years snce thatplaintiff is claimed
that the time which said plantiff is the property of defendant
by as virtue of the writing in affidavit herewith
filed, which is agreed to be legalevidence
of defendant title and is to evidence
as the fact in this case_ that said writing
was excuted in Alexandria aforesaid
and the planitiff held and as is before
she not to this .=
now the parties agree that this case
shall be submitted to the Court
and the law on the declared
to for plaintiff in defen-

Primum & TaylorTaylor

att for pltff.

B E of R LacklandR Lackland

for for defendant