Mary Ann Speaks vs. James Luisenburry and John Jameson
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To the Honorable John MJohn M Krum . KrumJohn M Krum , Judge of
the St LouisSt LouisCicuit CourtCircut Court , within and for
the County of Saint LouisCounty of Saint Louis.

The undersigned petitioner, respectfully
represents to your Honor, that she is now held
in close confinement in the common Prison of
the County aforesaid and claimed as the prop=
erty of one James Louis Jeubery, administrator
of the estate of SusanSusan Blunt BluntSusan Blunt , deed, and held
in by the said as ad-
ministrator aforesaid_ that she is entitled to
her freedom and is of right sue under the cause
of the Land and petitioner your Honor
for permission to sue for her freedom as a poor
person, under the statute in such case made and provided.

And the undersigned here states to your
honor the facts and circumstances on which
she so claims her right to freedom, which if
she is permitted to prove; sufficient evidence
can he forthcoming when and where your honor shall direct to such the same_ that
your petitioner is about twenty-four years of
age, born in the City and County of Alex=
andria in the District of ColumbiaDistrict of Columbia; that
her mother at the time of her wish, and
for a long period before, was and still
is free; that some eight years since her
mother found her by indenture in miting
in the said County ofCounty of Alexandria AlexandriaCounty of Alexandria for the
period of ten years, to one Susan BluntSusan Blunt , to
he by her the said SusanSusan instructed in
the ash and of a good house wife;
that after she was so bound as aforesaid,
and after the said SusanSusan had enjoyed
the Labour and service of your petitioner for
the period of two years, she the said SusanSusan