Mary Ann Speaks vs. James Luisenburry and John Jameson
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That the said Luis Jeusburry since he has
of your petitioner intention to claim her freedom,
has and unnecessary restraint and harrass
toward her, and hascaused her to be kept in
one confinement in the prison as aforesaid;
and that your honor witness
it she will be in danger of losing forever
her freedom; in news of the foregoing, she
now , that your honor will allow her to
sue as a poor person for her freedom; that
she may have counsel appointedby your honor
to conduct her said suit; and that the said
JamesJames LuisenburryLuisenburry may be required to Enter
into and , that your petitioner
shall not be removedwithout the jurisdic=
tion of your honorableCourt; or in default
therein the Sheriff of the County aforesaid, shall
be induced to in confinement on
hideherunder the statue in such case
made and provided; and such other
relief as to your honor shall much
and purpose; all of which is respectfully

Mary AnnMary Ann


her mark Speaks