Martha Drucilla v. Richmond Curle
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To the Hon. the Judge of the St. Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court.

The petition of Martha DrusillaMartha Drusilla , respectfully
submitted to your honor, that she is a
free woman, born
free in the county of Lawrence in the state of AlabamaAlabama, and
so near which,, state she has not got one fourth of negro blood
in her veins. that her other name is MalindaMalinda , and by who our
petition last hand from her, she was being in Huntsville
Alabama, a free woman. petitioner states, that when
about one year old slave found as an [ indented ] servant
to one John Colton, who then lived in said Lawrence County,
within some miles of Court andHuntsville in said state of AlabamaAlabama, with whom this petitioner years, and who,
petitioner AlabamaAlabama to ArkansasArkansas; who
eleven years old or thereabouts, said Cottons younger & daughter married our , and an other of his
daughters married T Jefferson Gable. that petitioner said Colton
at the time of his death which took place two
years ago last September in Randolf County
was living with his son in law James Jefferson Isbel,
at whom hour who you petitioner then was that
she continued to remain at the house of said Woman J
Isbel, after the death of said Colton, until about
six months ago , petition which was brought from then an, house by
Willam Isbel his brother, and carried the
MissouriMissouri River to the town of Lexington, when he
to sell him, his father in day Petitioner knows that
said Isbel, would not dare to to sell her in
AlabamaAlabama or ArkansasArkansas, when the facts of her being born
free is well known, and has brought her away to MissouriMissouri
to is here - that about three weeks ago, said WilliamWilliam
Isbel to the CityCity of St Louis ofCity of St Louis St LouisCity of St Louis with pe titioner, and
remained for about two week or was at the house of Felix
County, a brother in law of said WilliamWilliam Isbel, and on boundary

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last, plan your petitioner in the custody of me Ruland J. Carle
in the city of St. LouisSt Louis for sale, or has sold petitioner to him, your petitioner cannot
say which, but thathe said the actual
and control of said petitioner. She prays that
she may be allowed to sue as a poor person the said
in order to establish her freedom_ And she further says that
said intends your petitioner out, of the state
of MissouriMissouri, and and sell
her as a slave, tomorrow, with , as this peti-
tioner is informed and believes, and she prays therefore
that a warrant as is by the farther
and of an of the state of MissouriMissouri
" an act to person held in slavery to here
for this freedom.".

MarthaMartha her


mark Drusilla