Mary, a negro woman v. James Jr.
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To the To the Hon the Judge of the st Louis circuit
court. The petition of MaryMary a Negro woman
aged about 32 years Respectfully Requests to your
honor that she was born in the state MarylandMaryland-
that she was owned & held as a slave by one Mr Gardner
who about the year 1819 him the said MaryMary & defendant
by a will then made & recorded in the county of BaltimoreBaltimore
to Miss Sarah Lurk to have- to hold as a servant
until she arrived at the age of twenty one years
or thereabout at which time she was to be free by
virture of said will & according to the Laws of MarylandMaryland of the will
your petitioner further requests that after the making no
aforesaid & after she came into possession of the said
Sarah Lorsh according to its provisions she was by the
said Sarah Lorsh summoned out of the state of
MarylandMarylandto the state of KentuckyKentucky & from
KentuckyKentucky she was removed to the StateMissouri ofMissouri MissouriMissouri
When the said Sarah Lorsh was married to
one & by virture of said
your petitioner came into the possession of the
said who mortgaged your petitioner
to for & who got possession
of your petitioner about the year1834 or 1840
and has continued to hold your petitioner since that
as a slave & still holds & acquires ownership
her as such although your petitioner
by virture of the will above mentioned is a free
woman of color therefore your petitioner pleas
that your honor allow her sue as a poor person
to establish her right to freedom according to the
Law in such case made & provided MaryMary

J F Ris