Squire Brown, a person of colour v. Charles R. Anderson
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St Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court
November Term 1843

St Louis County ss.

SquireBrownBrown plaintiff in
this suit by his attorney complains of
Charles RCharles R Anderson AndersonCharles R Anderson of a plea of trespass

In that the said defend
ant heretofore to wit on the first day of January eighteen hundred forty four at the City ofCity of St Louis
St. LouisCity of St Louis at said County with force & arms
made an assault on said plaintiff & then
beatbruised&ill treated him & then& there im
prisonedhim& kepthim in prison for a long
space of time to wit for the space of tendays
then next- following contrary to the laws this
State of MissouriMissouri& againstthe will of the
said plaintiff. & otherways to the said
plaintiff then & there did against the Law
of the State of MissouriMissouritothedamage of
the said plaintiff of five hundred dollars.

And the said plaintiff
avers that before & at the time of the committing
of the grievancesaforesaid by the said defendant
he the said plaintiff was & still
is a free person & that the said defendant
held & still holds him in slavery. Therefore
he brings his suit

B. B. Dayton