Squire Brown, a person of colour v. Charles R. Anderson
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State of MissouriMissouri
County of St. LouisCounty of St Louis

Buyam B Dayton buy duly
sum deposes & says that on
the 17th day of January a suit was
commenced inthe St. Louis County Court by SquireBrownBrown against
Charles B Anderson for freedom. by filing
a declaration by Consent & also a Petition
that plaintiff have been to sue as a poor
person as provided by Statutes at the
an order was made by the HonorableBryanBryan Mullanphy
MullanphyBryan Mullanphy Judge of said Court that
said BrownBrown had as a poor
person that this be assigned as
his Counsel. also an with that said
BrownBrown have reasonable liberty to attend
his Counsel & the Court as occasion
mightrequire.& that he be not removed
out of thejurisdiction of the said Court
& that he be not subject to any severity
on account of his application. JohnJohn M
MJohn M Shrew Esq an attorney of
appeared for the saidAndersonAnderson
& concealed to all the said orders &
the of the said declration & also
on behalf of Todd& Krum of which
his is to filed a plea for the
said AndersonAnderson on the day after
said and this furthersays
that he is informed by John WJohn W
Constable of St LouisSt Louis Court that he
said at the request of said
AndersonAnderson this day awarded BrownBrown
took himto the Slave Boat Admiral
for the purpose as said AndersonAnderson
told him of him south. that
said BrownBrown was put on said boat

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what was for New OrleansOrleans
what with said BrownBrown has defauled
for that place. this affiant believes
therefore thatsaid BrownBrown is nowbyout
of the jurisdiction of this Court
Subscribed to this 19th
January1844before me

B B Dayton

BryanBryan Mullanphy MullanphyBryan Mullanphy
Judge 8th. Jud. Cir.. of Mo.