Andrian Paschall, a man of color v. Richard Ulrici
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of witnesses, produced sworn and examined, at the office of Messrs.,
in the city of Saint LouisSt Louis, in the County of Saint LouisCounty of Saint Louis, state of MissouriMissouri, before me,
Frederick Kretschmar, a Justice of the Peace within and for said County of Saint LouisCounty of Saint Louis,
in a certain cause, now pending in the Circuit Count for the County of St LouisCounty of St Louis
State aforesaid, between Adrian Paschall, plaintiff, and Richard WRichard W Ulrici . UlriciRichard W Ulrici ,
, defendant, on the part of the defendant:

Gabriel PaulGabriel Paul , being produced, sworn and examined on the part
of the plaintiff, deposeth and saith:

Before my being sworn and examined as a witness in the above entitled
suit, Richard W. Ulrici, the defendant, executed and delivered to me
the release, hereto attached, marked A. I know the plaintiff in this suit,
I bought him, with his mother, sister and brother at the sale of the Estate
of Auguste ChouteauAugust Chouteau , made by the Commissioners appointed by the
Circuit CourtCircuit Court in or about the year 1832, he was then about five or
six years of age. The mother and children, among whom was the plaintiff,
were sold to me as slaves for life. I have held the plaintiff ever
since as a slave, until I conveyed him to Mrs. Ulrici, my daughter
which was in or about the month of february 1844.

I never gave the plaintiff permission or order to go to the state of
IllinoisIllinois, whilst he was in my possession. About the year 1836. 37
or 1838, when the plaintiff was about 10 or 12 years of age, I sent
a German, named George Henderline, to IllinoisIllinois, to make hay.
During his absence I missed the plaintiff, and on the return of the
German GeorgeGeorge on the following day, I ascertained that AdrianAdrian , the plaintiff,
had been likewise over to IllinoisIllinois. For this I severely scolded and
punished him. Before his return I did not know what had become
of him. Except the time, here stated, the plaintiff has never been
over to IllinoisIllinois, he has not left me a minute, whilst he was my
slave. He always attended to and waited upon me personally and was my house servant.
In the summer 1843 I the plaintiff, at the rate of $ 13.00
per month to Sir WilliamWilliam StuartStuart , to go with him to the rocky moun-
tains. On his return in the fall Mr. SubletteSublette paid me the wages
for AdrianAdrian , upon an order of Sir WilliamWilliam . The trip of Sir WilliamWilliam

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and party was an excursion of pleasure. I am in the habit of speaking
french to my family and servants, and when AdrianAdrian , the plaintiff, returned
from IllinoisIllinois, as before stated, I scolded him in french. The German
George Henderline spoke some English, sufficient to be understood, but
no french; he did not understand french. George Henderline stayed
about one year with me. When he returned from IllinoisIllinois, he went with
the hay, to the stable and AdrianAdrian went into the kitchen. Of this I was informed
by a servant from the Kitchen, and I ordered him to my room, to
reprimand him. Upon my asking George Henderline, why he had
taken AdrianAdrian along, he answers that the Boy had gone with him,
and he thought that I had permitted him to go; not under If I had
wanted to send more assistance with GeorgeGeorge , I could have sent a full
grown man, as I had more servants at my disposal, or I could
have hired another german; I would not have sent a small Boy.
Henderline was by me sent over to the prairie in IllinoisIllinois to cut
hay cure it and bring it over on my cart and horse, which he took with him.

Cross Examined by plaintiff's counsel:

I had only the german, George Henderline, at work in IllinoisIllinois.
I was in bed, when he started with the cast. I rise at 8 or 9 o'clock
in the morning and they started quite early. I had given my orders
the day before.

Question: How did you know that he (AdrianAdrian ) had gone to IllinoisIllinois?

Answer: I did not know it, I only missed him.

Question: Did adrian go as a servant, with Sir WilliamWilliam StuartStuart to the Rockey moun-

Answer. Yes, he did go with him as such.

Further deponent saith not

Sworn to and subscribed before me,
this 14th. day of December 1844.

Fred. Kretschmar
Justice of the Peace.