Andrian Paschall, a man of color v. Richard Ulrici
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The Petition of Andrian PaschallAndrian Paschall (a Man of
Color) to the honorable Saint Louis CircuitCircuit Court
CourtCircuit Court

Your Petitioner respectfully represents
to this honorable court that he is now held
in Slavery by Richard M. Ulrici and your
Petitioner further represents that about Six
or Seven years Since (your petitioner does not
remember the exact time) he was sent
from the State of MissouriMissouri into the StateIllinois
ofIllinois IllinoisIllinois by one Gabriel PaulGabriel Paul to whom your
petitioner then belonged and under whom
the said Ulrici claims for the purpose of
assisting in the cutting and curing of
hay was then and there held in Slavery
Contrary to and in violation of the constitu
tion of IllinoisIllinois and an act of CongressCongress
for the government of the territory north west
of the OhioOhioriver, Your Petition further
States that since that time he has come
into the possession of the said RichardRichard M Ulrici
MRichard M Ulrici UlriciRichard M Ulrici and that he has been held in
Slavery ever since

And your Petitioner represents that
by reason of the above represented -
detion your petitioner has become and
is entitled to his freedom and is a
freeman and your petitioner respect
fully prays this honorable Court to grant
him have to sue as a poor person in
order to establish his right to freedom
and to assign him counsel for his
assistance in that behalf. And your Pe-

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tetioner will ever pray

Andrian his PaschallPascal Mark