Andrian Paschall, a man of color v. Richard Ulrici
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Andrian PaschallAndrian Paschall (a man of color)
being duly sworn upon oath says
that he has good cause to to believe
that he will be restraince from
the liberty necessary to make good
his right to freedom and that he may be subjected to severity on ac
-count of his application for free-
dom and that he may carried out
of the jurisdiction of this court un-
less the court cause this affiant to be
taken out of the possession of the said
RichardRichard M Ulrici MRichard M Ulrici . UlriciRichard M Ulrici or cause the said
Ulrici to give bond and security for his
appearance in this court upon this
day of trial

Andrian his mark PaschallPascal

Sworn to and subscribed
before me this 13th day of March 1844

justice of the peace