Martha Ann, a woman of colour v. Hiram Cordell
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To the HonCircuit CourtCircuit Court for the County of Saint LouisCounty of Saint Louis:

The petition of MarthaMartha Ann AnnMartha Ann a free woman of colour respect-
fully represents that she was born a slave the property of the
late Dr John Young formerly of Saint LouisSt Louis in the Country afore-
said and State ofMissouri MissouriMissouri: that said Dr. John Young removed
to GalenaGalena in the state of IllinoisIllinois and took up his residence
there with his family, being engaged in the practice of his profession as
a physician: and while he so residedat GalenaGalena he caused your
petitioner to be taken there & held as a servant in his family
there and kept your petitioner continually employed as a slave
there for the period of six months. Your petitioner further states
that said John Young afterwards removed to MissouriMissouri and from
thence to the State of Alabama where he died having bequeathed
your petitioner unto his wifeSarahSarah Young who brought your
petitioner again to MissouriMissouri and held her as a slave until the
death of said SarahSarah Young: and your petitioner further states that
Hiram CordellHiram Cordell Administrator of the Estate of said SarahSarah Young
now holds your petitioner in slavery, and she is advised that she is
of right free, and she humbly prays that she may be permit-
ted to sue the said Hiram CordellHiram Cordell for the recovery of her
freedom by judgement of law, and may prosecute such suit as
a poor person and have counsel assigned her by the court
and have reasonable access to her counsel and the court touching
the said suit and further that said CordellCordell and all persons claiming under him be restrained by the order of the Court from removing
your petitioner out of the jurisdiction of this Court& so will
ever pray

The mark X of MarthaMartha Ann AnnMartha Ann