Martha Ann, a woman of colour v. Hiram Cordell
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SophiaSophia Farrar FarrarSophia Farrar of lawful age deposes and
says she knew the late Doctr. John Young
about the year 1827 Or 1828 he resided with his family
in the village of Galena CountyGalena County of JoJohn Davis DaviessJohn Davis & State of IllinoisIllinois
for about One Year was intimate with his Family
frequently visited them

I have seen a coloured Servant Girl
with the family of Doctr. Young

I [ herd ] said Doct. Young and wife say that the above Mentioned
Coloured Girl was their slave in MissouriMissouri and that they
sent her back to MissouriMissouri for fear she might Recover her
freedom and that Mrs. Young said she must send for her
again as she found it dificult to procure help even though
she should sue for her freedom

[ Subsiquenly ] to this Conversation I saw her in
Doctor Youngs Family

I think she was here in all about One Year
[ Qustion ] by plaintiff's Attn

Did you know of any other coloured servant
Girl in the family of Doctr. Young

Answer, none that I know of
Question by the same

What was the age and name of the Coloured
Girl in the service of Doctor Young

Answer, About 15, or 16, years of age and her [ nam ] Martha

Sophia Farrar