Hannah, a woman of color v. John Pitcher
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To the Hon. the Circuit CourtCircuit Court of St. Louis County
April Term 1844.

The petition of HannahHannah , a mulatto woman, respectfully
represents, that she is now held in slavery in the County
aforesaid by one John Pitcher - that she believes
that she is entitled to freedom, and she prays the said
Court for leave to sue, the said Pitcher, as a poor person
in order to establish her right to freedom.

Your petitioner states, as the ground on which her
claim to freedom is founded, that about eight years ago, there
being the slave of Daniel D. Page of St. LouisSt Louis, in the State ofMissouri
MissouriMissouri, she was taken by said Page from St. LouisSt Louis aforesaid
to the City of Boston in the state of MassachusettsMassachusetts in the spring
of the year, the month of May as petitioner believes, and there
left by said Page as a waiter and servant in attendance
upon the wife of said Page, who accompanied her said
husband to BostonBoston aforesaid - that petitioner remained
in the said state of MassachusettsMassachusetts doing service and labor
there in attendance upon the wife of said Page until some-
time in the fall of the same year, the month of October
petitioner thinks, when your petitioner was brought back
again to St. LouisSt Louis by his said mistress, who then returned
home - the petitioner cannot remember with distinctness,
the year when she was so taken to MassachusettsMassachusetts and
there kept as aforesaid, but for greater certainty, she
states, that it was in the year, that the con-
vent was burnt down at Charleston in said last
named State, by a mob, and that petitioner being there
in BostonBoston saw the conflagration - after petitioner was
brought back to St. LouisSt Louis, the said Page sold her to said Pitcher
who now has her in posession & holds her in slavery - Petitioner
states that slavery is not allowed to existence the state of MassachusettsMassachusetts,
and was not permitted when she was so taken there & kept as
aforesaid and that such a holding her in slavery there, by the laws
of said State entitled petitioner to freedom. Petitioner
further states that about ten days ago she applied to

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this honorable Court for leave to sue said Pitcher
for freedom, which was granted, but which said on
account of some informality in the proceedings, has
been dismissed, but she states that since the bringing
of said suit, she has been treated with great
cruelty severity and oppression by said Pitcher, on
account thereof, and she verily believes that the
same severe and oppressive treatment will be
exercised towards her on account of this applica-
tion, she prays therefore that she may be
bought up by warrant under the seal of said Court
and dealt with as directed by Statute.

Subscribed &sworn
before me this 3d day of June 1844

John MJohn M Krum KrumJohn M Krum
Judge 8. JudCir, Mo
HannahHannah her Mark of Color