Hannah, a woman of color v. John Pitcher
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Given Jan. 20 1846

2 That if the plaintiff was carried as
a servant to the states of Maine &
MassachusettsMassachusetts by the consent of the owner
and upon there as such, namely for
the purpose of a visit for a few
months, & was retained there
on such visits from place to place
among relations of the owner, for
periods of not more than two or three
weeks, & used during the whole time
as the personal attendant as the
family of the owner & making visits then she was
not freed by such residence in
Maine & MassachusettsMassachusetts

Given Jan. 20, 1846

3 That no holding of the slave HannahHannah is
Maine or MassachusettsMassachusetts by her owner on
a mere visit or sojourning there, can set
her free, unless her right to free
dom has been inforced in those States
or out of them.