Nathaniel, a man of color v. George W. Coons
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established against said estate, remaining
at that time unpaid, Plaintiff likewise
offerred to prove that the demands allowed
against said estate and placed in the 7th class
were at the time of said they were exhibited
to said administrator for allowance, barred
by the statute of this state, but were
permitted to be established without objection
on the part of said administrator, and
without his setting up or pleading the
statutory bar; also, that one of said
Plaintiff then offerred to prove by the
following records of the Probate Court of St. Louis
County, that one of said the allowance
of one of said claims in the 7th Class, to wit:
that of RobertRobert Strong, had been set aside
since the time of said allowance (here insert all of
said Record & transcript) marked which proof, offered as aforesaid by said plain-
tiff, the Court rejected, to which rejection
of by the Court the Plaintiff by his Counsel
then and there excepted. No further evi-
dence was offerred or given by either party.
The plaintiff thereupon asked the following
instruction to the Jury (here insert instruction
asked by plff., marked F.) which the court
refused to give, to which refusal the plain-
tiff by his counsel then and there excepted. The
Court thereupon instructed the Jury as follows
to wit: (here insert instructions given by Court
marked respectively G. & H.) to the giving of
which instructions the plaintiff by his Counsel
then and there excepted. The Jury there-
upon rendered a verdict for the defendant
which verdict the plaintiff, afterwards
to wit, on the 28th day of January 1846

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moved to set aside and that a new trial ought
be granted to the plaintiff, for the following
reasons annexed to said motion, which
said motion and reasons in support there
of are in the words and figures following
(here insert motion & reasons for new trial)
which motion the court, afterwards, overruled
to which ruling of the court the plaintiff
by his counsel then and there excepted. The
plaintiff prays that this his Bill of exceptions
may be signed by the Court and made part of the record, which is done.

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