Nathaniel, a man of color v. George W. Coons
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A writing purporting to be the last will and
testament of MiltonMilton Duty decd was this day
produced in open Court and proven by the oath of
WilliamWilliam C SmedesSmedes one of the Subscribing witnesses
thereto whereupon it is ordered that the same be admitted
to Record at probatium est and is in the words and
figures following to wit

I MiltonMilton Duty of Warren CountyWarren County
State of MississippiMississippi do make and publish this my last
will and testament revoking and making void all former
wills by me at any time heretofore made â

And first I direct that all my personal Estate except
that herein after otherwise disposed of consisting of
houses, oxen, cows, present growing crop, farming ute-
nsils, blacksmith tools &c be disposed of in such manner
as my Executor shall appoint and the proceeds to be appropriated to the payment of my just debts & all other legal
demands against my Estate, in case my personal Estate
should not prove sufficient to meet these endsâ

It is my wish that the following named negroes or So
many thereof as shall be absolutely required be sold for those
purposes- To wit MariaMaria , Ann, MillyMilly & her five Children
MariaMaria & Ann to be sold first and then in case there should
still be not enough MillyMilly and her five Children to be sold
to ThosThomas Irvens Egbert Sessions or David DDavid D Gibson
whichever of the three will give most for them.- Also I
direct that all my negroes not otherwise disposed of
consisting so far as I recollect of the following to wit-
CharityCharity NatNat , Olivia, BraxtonBraxton , PrestonPreston , LouisaLouisa MalindaMalinda
HowardHoward Seary, ClarissaClarissa , Ann ElizaEliza , LucyLucy , MaryMary

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Louis, MaryMary , Beverly, AlfredAlfred , Sam, CarolineCaroline , EllenEllen , JesseJesse
LydiaLydia , NellyNelly , ElizabethElizabeth , JordanJordan , MadisonMadison , Henderson
HarryHarry , Charlotte, Harrison, Amanda likewise the
MariaMaria , Ann & MillyMilly with [ he ] five children above mentioned
in case it should not be necessary to sell them to meet the
payment of my debts & all other negroes whatsoever that
may belong to me at the day of my death be free and
manumitted - & that they be sent out of this state into the state
of MissouriMissouri if the laws of that state permit the admission if
not to such other state or [ teritory ] in the United StatesUnited States as
under the direction of Judge John J GuionJohn J Guion shall be deemed
most suitable for their condition â

Also I direct that the sum of five hundred dollars
be given to Joel D Anderson my brother in law for his
services rendered me on my plantation during the present

Further, I direct that my Gold watch and Chain &
all my wearing [ apparell ] be given to my negro boy PrestonPreston
the fifth mentioned in the above list for his faithfulness
& honesty to me since he has been in my possession â

Further I direct that if after the payment of my debts
the removal of my negroes and the payment of the above
legacies there should be a surplus of my personal Estate
amounting to a thousand dollars or less the said surplus
be given to my negro MaryMary whom I purchased 3 years ago
of Wm Allen Esq & also if there should be a greater amount
than one thousand dollars all over the remainder to be equally
divided between the aforementioned & his Brother BraxtonBraxton

Further I directed that in case it should be wish of
the three last mentioned negroes to wit MaryMary , Preston
& Braxton to remain in Warren CountyWarren County among their
relatives that they be permitted to do so provided the
requisite securities can befound â

And I do here by make & ordain my esteemed neighbor
Judge John J GuionJohn J Guion executor of this my last will and testiment
requesting him to employ as his agent in Settling my Estate
say one or more of the following named gentlemen to wit

Mark Valentine, David D Gibson JeffersonJefferson Nailen or
JesseJesse EvansEvans , In case of the death of John J GuionJohn J Guion Esq DavidDavid D