Nathaniel, a man of color v. George W. Coons
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given Jan 27 1846

If the jury believe from the Evidence that the
plaintiff's right to freedom is based entirely upon
the will of MiltonMilton Duty, a copy whereof
has been read in evidence and if they
shall believe from the evidence that after
the making of the said will in the state of
MississippiMississippi the said Duty & the said plaintiff
removed to this state bringing the said plaintiff with him & became
domiciled here - & if they shall also
believe from the evidance that while the
said Duty & the plaintiff was so domiciled
in this state, the said Duty deceased
& that after his decease letters of
administration in due course of law
were granted in this state to the Defendant upon
the estate of said Duty - then in such
case the said will of the said Duty does
not have the effect to emancipate the
said plaintiff & he is not entitled to
his freedom by reason thereof &
they will find the open for the Deft