Cloe Ann Smith, a woman of color v. Franklin Knox
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To the Hon. the Circuit CourtCircuit Court of St Louis

The petition of Cloe Ann SmithCloe Ann Smith , a woman
of color respectfully represents, that she is held
as a slave in the county aforesaid by one D. Franklin
Knox, who claims her as his property - but petitioner
belives that she is entitled to freedom, and states
as her ground to freedom, the following facts - that
in the year eighteen hundred and forty two, then being
the property of said KnoxKnox , she was taken from the
City of St LouisCity of St Louis in the County aforesaid, by the wife of said
KnoxKnox , with his knowledge and consent to the county
of Huron in the state of OhioOhio, and then kept and
detained to service and labor as a slave from the
month of June of that year until the succeeding month
of September, when she was again brought back
to the county of St LouisSt Louis aforesaid. Petition states that
such a holding of petitioner as aforesaid in slavery
in the state of OhioOhio, by operation of the Ordinance of
Congress of the year seventeen hundred and eighty seven for the government of the territories North West
of the OhioOhioriver, and also by force of the constitution
and laws of the state of OhioOhio, emancipated petitioner
from a state of freedom slavery. She therefore prays your this
honorable court for leave to sue as a poor person
in order to establish her right to freedom.

Petitioner further says that said KnoxKnox is about
to sell her, so as to carry her out of the jurisdiction
of this court, and she therefore prays, that a warrant
may be issued and such proceedings had, as is directed
by the act entitled ``cca act to unable person held
in slavery to sue for this freedom'' and she will pray de.

Cloe her mark Ann SmithSmith