Mary Ann Speaks v. John M. Jameson and James Quisenberry
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does not pretend to claim your petitioner as a slave
belonging to his said decedent, but on the contrary
admits that she was born of free parents and is
of right free after she shall render to him as
such administrator compensation for said
unexpired term of apprenticeship; that the said
Quisenberry has no evidence whatever in his
possession that your petitioner may bound apprentice
to his intestate, save what has been above
stated by your petitioner and what the said
intestate in her life time so stated to which ready
to testify to the same; that she said Blunt
in her life time knowing full well of the express
agreement as aforesaid, and that the full term
of your petitioners time of servitude had expired
destroyed the indentures of apprenticeship as
aforesaid so that at this time the said
Quisenberry has no evidence whatever known
to the by which he can legally claim
the earnings of your petitioner; that your petitioner
has demanded of the said John MJohn M Jameson JamesonJohn M Jameson
keeper of the prison aforesaid the papers or
of committment by virtue of which he detains
the said petitioner , and that he said Jameson
stated that he has no or papers
by which he detains the said petitioner;
and that said Jameson informed your petitioners
counsel, that said Quisenberry brought
said petitioner and required him safely to keep
her until he learned his pleasure, at the
same time stating that your petitioner was
born free and would be entitled to her earnings
in a short time.

Now your petitioner is according to the statute
in such case made and provided, here points out
the illegallity of said imprisonment, and alleges
that the said imprisonment is illegal in