Mary Ann Speaks v. John M. Jameson and James Quisenberry
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this to wit, that under and by virtue of the laws
of VirginiaVirginia which at the time were in full
force and effect in the said County ofCounty of Alexandria AlexandriaCounty of Alexandria
and under which your petitioner was
bound apprentice as aforesaid, does not allow
or permit the master or Mistress to carry out
of the state of VirginiaVirginia or the county of Alex
andria out of the District ofDistrict of Columbia ColumbiaDistrict of Columbia
an apprentice nor did the said law allow or
permit the said SusanSusan Blunt BluntSusan Blunt to bring into this
state your petitioner-?

That the matter of apprenticeship as aforesaid
is a personal contract and dies with the person
and in as much as the said SusanSusan Blunt BluntSusan Blunt has
departed this life, your petitioner is liberted
from her servitude?

That she is entitled to her own earnings
because by the terms of her coming to this state
with said Blunt under the promise and agreement
as aforesaid and having served out
full the term of eight years she has performed
her part of said contract.

That a master cannot at his will whim and caprices incarcerate his
apprentice in the common prison without
That she is detained and deprived of her
liberty by the said Quisenberry and Jameson
without authority of law.

In view of the foregoing your petitioner
now prays for the writ of Habeas Corpus to the
said JamesJames Quisenberry QuisenberryJames Quisenberry and the said JohnJohn Jameson
JamesonJohn Jameson directed, Commanding them
and each of them to bring the body of of your petitioner forthwith
before your Honorable Court to do, submit to,
and secure judgment in the premises and
your petitioner as in duty even will ever pray &c

MaryMary Ann AnnMary Ann Speaks
by her attorneys

Primm & Taylor