Mary Ann Speaks v. John M. Jameson and James Quisenberry
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In obedience to the with in command
I have here the body of Mary AnnMary Ann
Speaks before the honorable JohnJohn M Krum
M. KrumJohn M Krum Judge of the MissouriMissouri
Circuit CourtCircuit Court on this 28th of Sept 1844 and having no papers by which
I hold the said Mary AnnMary Ann : she
being placed in my custody by
JamesJames Quisenberry QuisenberryJames Quisenberry as administrator
of Susan BluntSusan Blunt on the 26th the said at the same
time stating that she belongs
to the estate of SusanSusan Blunt BluntSusan Blunt and
the he wished her to remain in jail
untill he could get an order of Court
to hire or sell her for the remainder
of the time she had to serve this 28th of Sept 1844

J M Jameson