Mary Robinson, alias Robertson, a woman of colour v. Ringrose D. Watson
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StateMissouri of MissouriMissouri
St Louis County


In the St LouisCircuit Court CircuitCircuit Court CourtCircuit Court
April Term 1845

This petition of MaryMary [ Robinson ]
Humbly showeth that she your petitionerthat she
is a woman of [ Colour ] and entitled to her Freedom
from the following facts- Viz. That in the Winter of
Eighteen hundred and forty one She your petitioner
was taken from the city of St LouisSt Louis in said County
to the City of Alton in the state of Illnois by her then Master and
owner and kept in slavery contrary to her your
petitioners will but by the will of her said
owner Viz Amos L. Carson- in the state of IllinoisIllinois
in the said City of Alton for the space of time at
least six months contrary to law. After which period
of time the six months last aforesaid she your
petitioner was sent by the said CarsonCarson to
the City of Saint LouisSt Louis and was kept in slavery
by one Ringrose D WatsonRingrose D Watson for a long space
of time after which time a suit for her freedom
was commenced in this Court and was terminated by a nonsuit
in consequence of the said Ringrose D. WatsonRingrose D Watson
Declaiming any ownership over your petitioner but
last night the said WatsonWatson in company with
a person calling himself an officer called at
the residence of your petitioner and demanded her your petitioner
and and took her to the Jail of said county where she is now as a slave and your petitioner has good reason to believe and
does believe she will be taken Beyond the jurisdiction
of this Court and kept in slavery the said
& CarsonCarson are restrained by this Court from
with her she therefore prays to be permitted to sue
as a free person - and that place under the protection
of this Court and as in duly because she will
ever pray

MaryMary [ RobinsonRobinson ]x

her mark